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Everyone needs estate planning, but each person or family that needs an estate plan needs something different. For some, the combination of a simple will or trust, a living will, and a durable power of attorney is enough. By contrast, people who are remarried and people with large estates may have more complicated needs.

Wealth Transfer Planning (Wills and Trusts)

Schiffman Firm takes the time to assist in the estate planning process by listening to our clients. After an open discussion and thoughtful consideration, our lawyers help clients evaluate the options for meeting specific goals.

Updating Wills and Will Revisions

Many people do not realize that the state of the law changes. If a will is invalid, the property and other assets that you have worked for may not go to the individuals you think you have chosen. Further, a will or trust that may have met your needs at one time may no longer accomplish what your desire and your assets may not be distributed the way that you had hoped. The attorneys of Schiffman Firm can help determine if you need to update or revise your will.

Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney

The importance of a living will and durable power of attorney cannot be overstated. Your loved ones and family members will undoubtedly be in heightened emotional states if you become ill and unable to make medical decisions for yourself. Don’t make them guess what medical choices you would make and do not leave these choices to medical care providers who do not know your wishes. A living will and durable power of attorney can assure that your wishes are known and can be followed.

Estate Litigation

Many law firms choose not to venture into the realm of estate litigation and other law firms lack the experience to do so. Schiffman Firm attorneys are experienced in the intricacies of litigating in the Orphans Court division, which handles estate litigation in Pennsylvania. If you are involved in estate litigation, including will contests, contact Schiffman Firm immediately to preserve important legal rights.

Services Offered

Some of the many different estate planning issues or needs our attorneys can help you address include:

  • Asset protection and wealth transfer planning
  • Wills (both simple wills and complex wills), will revisions and will updates,
  • Living wills
  • Living trusts (revocable trusts)
  • Irrevocable trusts, including special-needs trusts, and life insurance trusts
  • General and durable powers of attorney
  • Guardianships
  • Business succession planning
  • Federal estate tax planning
  • Probate and administration of estates, including the preparation and filing of Pennsylvania inheritance tax and federal estate tax returns
  • Litigation involving contested wills, breach of fiduciary duty claims, and other types of probate and inheritance disputes
  • Elder law related legal issues

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