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We understand that’s impossible to put a price on the life of a friend or a loved one. However, if someone you care about has suffered a wrongful death due to the negligence of another person, a dangerous workplace, defective product, or any other cause – recovery from a wrongful death lawsuit can help ease the sudden financial burden and ensure justice has been served.

The attorneys at Schiffman Firm understand that a fatal accident ends at least one life and profoundly changes countless others. Spouses are suddenly left alone, without vital companionship and support. Children lose one of the most important relationships anyone has in life and all that comes with it. Parents come to know a previously unimaginable sense of sorrow when they lose a child to a fatal accident. All of this is compounded when the wrongful death is caused by the negligence or carelessness of some other party.

Our team brings compassion and sensitivity to every case while aggressively representing the estate of the deceased victim or their family members to ensure results are delivered. We take a hands-on approach from start to finish by thoughtfully explaining the legal issues and process to families – ensuring they are prepared and what to expect.

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With more than 100 years of combined legal experience paired with top investigative and expert resources, you can expect the attorneys of Schiffman Firm to deliver the results you and your family deserve if a loved one or someone you care about has suffered a wrongful death due to negligence.

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Automobile Collisions, Car Accidents, Dangerous Workplace

Where or how can a wrongful death or fatal accident occur?

Unfortunately, wrongful deaths can occur nearly anywhere and in many different types of situations.

Most wrongful deaths are caused by negligence, whether that is by another automobile driver, a dangerous workplace, or property – even defective products.

Regardless of where or how – families that suffered the death of a loved one by a wrongful death should be entitled to compensation to help ease the sudden financial burden that comes along with the loss of a family member and ensure justice is served to the liable party.

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Infant Inclined Sleepers, Toys, Furniture

What kind of children's products have the potential to cause fatal accidents?

We always expect that a product designed and marketed towards children has gone through rigorous safety inspections and is engineered using the highest quality components available. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Wrongful deaths in children’s toys and products can be attributed to negligence at the design and manufacturer level, product distribution, and even retailers. No matter how or where it occurs – a family suffering from the wrongful death of a child deserves justice and compensation for their loss.

Common children's products that may result in personal injury and wrongful death may include, but are not limited to:

Chemical Exposure, Construction Falls, Oil Well Explosions

What type of workplace accidents may result in a fatal accident or wrongful death?

Workplaces like construction sites, oil wells, warehouses, and factories can be inherently dangerous.

However, no matter what type of job and no matter the location, an employer must create a safe working environment for their team. That means ensuring that equipment like heavy machinery is regularly serviced and maintained, pathways and walking areas are well kept and lit, and any other type of hazard is accurately labeled.

Assualt, Dog Bites, Drowning

How can a dangerous property or premise cause a wrongful death?

Property owners are required to maintain and ensure their locations are well kept and free of any hazards that could lead to personal injury or even death.

While it’s safe to assume that accidents can occur, property and landowners that display negligence in ensuring their areas are not well-maintained and safe can be held accountable if a wrongful death occurs in their premises.


Common incidents caused by dangerous property and unsafe premises that could lead to wrongful deaths may include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical assault caused by unlit or unmaintained areas
  • Dog bites or other animal attacks caused by improper safety protocols, like poorly maintained property fences
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Drowning caused by improperly secured swimming pools

Surgical Errors, Negligence, Nursing Home Neglect

What are some common medical malpractice situations that lead to wrongful deaths?

Negligence or medical malpractice caused by a hospital, doctor, surgeon, dentist, nursing home, or home health care aide can, unfortunately, result in wrongful death.

Regardless of the circumstance, a family or loved one should consult with a personal injury attorney if someone they care about has died while under the eyes of a healthcare provider. A skilled and experienced law firm can dig into the case and discover the true cause of the death and help determine if legal action can be taken.


Wrongful death lawsuits and claims caused by medical malpractice and health care negligence can include, but are note limited to:

Firearms, Hunting Equipment, Power Tools

What kind of defective products cause fatal accidents?

When a consumer purchases a product they expect that the product has gone through thorough testing and is manufactured using top-quality components and standards. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and thousands of defective products make their way to the shelves of retailers with the potential to cause personal injury to the user.

These products can range from power tools to toys for children and depending on the defect, have the capability to cause minor harm, to severe injury – including wrongful death.

The personal injury lawyers at Schiffman Firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are one of the top law firms representing clients and families that have their lives affected by defective products. With over 100 years of combined trial experience, our attorneys are the leaders in investigating and discovering the causes of defective products. Our approach sets our attorneys apart from our peers and has helped us successfully represent thousands of clients and earn them the compensation they deserve.

Common defective and dangerous products that have caused wrongful deaths include, but are not limited to:

What is product liability?

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of compensation can I expect from a wrongful death case?

Money cannot make your family whole again. What a wrongful death lawsuit can do, however, is see to it that the responsible parties are held accountable. It can also deter similar conduct in the future, both by the defendants and others.

In terms of compensation, Pennsylvania law allows damages and compensation for:

  • Lost wages
  • Losses of expected income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Losses of companionship
  • Parental guidance
  • And other services

We are committed to maximizing the amount of financial compensation you receive. Our law firm provides probate and estate administration services as well. Because of the unique configuration of our firm and our vast experience with wills, trusts, and estates – we are often able to protect assets recovered in a case involving wrongful death even when other firms may not have been able to do so.

Contact the personal injury attorneys at Schiffman Firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a review of your case.

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Close up of defective circuit board catching on fire which could cause burn injury

Burns and Hazardous Material Injuries

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Wrongful and Accidental Deaths

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Estates, Wills, and Trusts

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Business and Employment Litigation

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