Electrical Injuries


Defective power lines creating danger to people


Contact with high-voltage or low-voltage electrical power sources can cause fatal injuries, major burns, nerve and muscle damage, damage to the heart and other internal organs, permanent scarring, and deep emotional and psychological trauma. Often, electrical injuries can cause severe physical or psychological effects without the signs typically associated with electrical injuries including entrance and exit wounds.  Schiffman Firm litigates cases involving electrical shock injuries, electrical burns, and electrocution.

At Schiffman Firm, we understand what electrical injuries mean to our clients and work diligently to hold those responsible fully accountable. Over the past three decades we have filed lawsuits against manufacturers, property owners, construction contractors, and others — and we have obtained substantial settlements for survivors of electric shock injuries. Schiffman Firm has the experience that is required to properly represent victims of electrical injuries and the families and loved ones of electrocution death cases.

The three most common circumstances where electrical injuries occur include:

Dangerously placed electrical lines

  • Fallen or dangerously located power lines — Our lawyers successfully represented a subcontractor who suffered severe injuries due to a power line arc from a buried electrical conduit. Fallen power lines can also be a cause of electrocution that results in death.
  • Frayed or exposed electrical wiring — We have had many cases involving stores, apartment complexes, workplaces, and other buildings. We have worked with expert witnesses and fire investigators to determine the causes of many fires including electrical causes from faulty or defective wiring.
  • Defective products with electrical parts — We have litigated numerous cases involving electrical shock injuries caused by dangerous and defective products.  In one case, a store improperly reconditioned and sold a used drill that later caused a man to sustain an electrical shock injury. We were successful in our case against the store and recovered on his behalf.  Schiffman Firm has litigated against product manufacturers and sellers to recover monetary damages for injured people.

In every case, our goal is to obtain maximum compensation for the pain, suffering, medical expenses, lost wages or income, rehabilitation, permanent disability, disfigurement, and other damages our clients have suffered. Our experience help

s us to accomplish this goal. Our firm has attorneys who know how to read electrical blueprints and wiring diagrams and are willing to put extra time and effort into finding the right experts for each case.

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