Concussions & Post Concussive Syndrome (PCS)

Concussions and Post Concussive Syndrome can cause long term effects

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury whose effects are usually not permanent. The effects can include headaches as well as issues such as problems with coordination, balance or memory.
Concussions are usually caused by trauma to the head and are common in sports. Although the initial effect of a concussion may seem to have passed, post-concussive syndrome which displays symptoms such as continued headaches, problems concentrating, and memory loss may occur.
The attorneys at Schiffman Firm have vast experience in handling cases of concussion and
post-concussive syndrome. We recognize the fear that accompanies the diagnosis of such an injury and the impact, both financial and emotional, on a family.

We offer our services to obtain the compensation that the injured party deserves. Investigating and pursuing a concussion and post-concussive syndrome case requires expertise as well as an understanding of the causes and effects of such an injury.
We have helped persons with brain injuries caused by sports related accidents, automobile accidents, and falls. We have worked with many clients with concussion and post-concussive syndrome to achieve successful settlements which have aided the injured persons and their families to best continue their lives.
We offer our services throughout Western and Central Pennsylvania.

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