Unsafe Premises


Slippery wet floor creating a dangerous condition


Dangerous Property Conditions

The attorneys at Schiffman Firm have many years of experience representing people who have been injured on the property of other people. These injuries may be caused by accumulations of snow or ice, broken or defective steps, loose or missing handrails, poor lighting, poorly maintained walkways or other dangerous conditions of property.

You may also be injured due to unsafe conditions caused by poor lighting in a parking lot in which dangerous people wait to grab your wallet or purse or wait to cause you physical harm.

A dangerous condition of a premises can cause someone to trip and fall or slip and fall, even if they are being careful!

Possessors of land have a duty to provide safe premises for those person lawfully on the premises. However, often the insurance company which provides insurance for the possessor of the land is unwilling to offer any compensation or, may offer such a small settlement, that an injured party may be unable to settle the claim and go on with his life.

When you are injured dueTrip and fall and slip and fall injuries can cause broken bones and severe injuries to the negligence of another person in caring for his property, you may accumulate medical and hospital bills. You may also lose time at work and have a wage loss. As these expenses add up, you may have sleepless nights worrying about the payment. There are many complex legal issues which require the knowledge and experience of attorneys who have provided representation to those injured on the premises of others. The attorneys at Schiffman Firm have expertise in helping clients who have been injured due to natural and artificial conditions of the land as well as for injuries caused by the failure to provide adequate lighting and security to those on their land. With our many years of legal experience, we work to obtain the maximum compensation for victims of the negligence of others.

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