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Defective airbag make car very dangerous

Dangerous Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles

An automobile is a product that almost all of us use almost all of the time. Yet, it can be a product that causes serious injuries or death to innocent drivers and passengers. When an automobile manufacturer or dealer sells a car which is defective, it is strictly liable in the state of Pennsylvania for the injuries and damages that the automobile causes. However, proving that an automobile is defective is a process that requires expertise and skill.

When you retain our attorneys, they go to work compiling evidence and researching the motor vehicle. We retain and work with experts in the fields of engineering and forensic science to ensure that we are obtaining the best and most relevant testing and evidence. We look beyond the obvious causes of the accident and injury and determine whether any defect in the automobile caused the accident to occur or made the injury worse.

Our attorneys investigate to determine if the automobile is crashworthy. Crashworthiness means that a motor vehicle must be safe to withstand predictable accidents without causing additional injury. The attorneys at Schiffman Firm know that a defect in your automobile can cause a minor incident to become a serious accident with deadly or life altering injuries.

We have achieved settlements and verdicts of many millions of dollars based upon defects in automobiles.

Defects in automobiles can include, among others:

  • A seat belt which breaks or is unable to properly restrain an individual;
  • A door which cannot withstand a crash;
  • An airbag which does not deploy or deploys improperly;
  • A tire with tread which separates;
  • A motor vehicle which rolls over due to a poor center of gravity;
  • A roof which cannot withstand a roll over;
  • A car which suddenly accelerates; and,
  • A braking system which does not properly stop the vehicle and many others.

Because you or your loved one can be catastrophically injured by a defective automobile, the expertise of our attorneys in knowing how to structure your settlement can be crucial. When appropriate, we structure personal injury settlements, negotiate with lien holders, and create trusts to ensure that our clients benefit from a settlement or verdict award to the greatest extent possible.

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