Defective Snow Blowers


Defective and dangerous snowblower


We all know how hard the Western Pennsylvania winters have been lately with huge amounts of snow and ice. Snow Throwers (often referred to as “snowblowers” or “snow blowers”) are very useful tools to help responsible homeowners keep their property clear. Yet, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), snowblowers cause more than 5,700 injuries every year.
Many of these injuries are due to the failure of the sellers and manufacturers of these snowblowers to warn that the engine of the snowthrower keeps running even after it is turned off. Innocent users put their hands in the chute to clean out snow and lose fingers and hands.
Manufacturers of snowblowers have recalled snowblowers for fire and burn hazards, wheels that can explode, defective plastic rims of wheels, and other dangerous conditions. However, people are still injured by these snowblowers because often users don’t find out about these or other defects in their snowblowers.
Clients come to us after being injured by a snowblower and want to know what legal rights they have. These clients have come to the right place for answers because the attorneys at Schiffman Firm have almost a century of legal expertise dealing with these complex issues.
If a person is injured by a defective snowblower, the case should be handled by attorneys with familiarity of this area of law because it is very complex and the cases require experience, time and financial resources. At Schiffman Firm, we have had significant and repeated success with cases involving defective snowblowers. In one case, we were able to have a court declare that the manufacturer could be liable for extra damages to punish it for continuing to sell the snowblower when it knew of the dangerous condition.
We put in the time and effort it takes to find the right experts for these cases. Retaining the right expert often means winning the case. Our efforts ensure that our clients have the best possible chance of a positive outcome in their cases.
We are often able to provide secure evidence storage to our clients free of charge which saves them an otherwise costly expense and provides our attorneys and experts with the access they need to the vital evidence that must be evaluated or examined in preparing a case.
We know how difficult life can be when you or a loved one is injured. That is why we put in the hard work that is necessary in cases involving dangerous snowblowers to obtain the best results possible.

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