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Representing Families of Wrongful Death Victims in Western Pennsylvania


A man sticken with sadness over the loss of his loved one through the neglifence of another


A fatal accident ends at least one life and profoundly changes countless others. Spouses are suddenly left alone, without vital companionship and support. Children lose one of the most important relationships anyone has in life and all that comes with it. Parents come to know a previously unimaginable sense of sorrow.

At Schiffman Firm, we bring compassion and sensitivity to every case in which we represent the estate of a deceased victim or their surviving family members. We work closely with each, taking time to explain the legal issues and process, preparing them for what to expect and staying in regular contact from start to finish. We also work as a team, with more than 100 years of combined legal experience, top investigative and expert resources, our creativity, and our focus on results in every case.

Over the past three decades, lawyers at our firm have handled wrongful death claims.

Wrongful death claims can include:

Auto accidents

Automobile defects (including design defects and defective components such as defective air bags, tires, seat belts, and seat backs)

Children’s toys

  • Children’s furniture
  • Car seats

Property owner negligence

  • assault
  • dog bite and other animal attack cases
  • slip and fall or trip and fall
  •  drowning victims

Work-related accidents

  • electrocution
  • construction falls
  • chemical exposures
  • oil well explosions
  • mining disasters
  • automobile accident while using a work-owned vehicle or a personal vehicle for work purposes

Medical malpractice and other types of health care-related negligence

Defective or unsafe products

  • electronics,
  • chemicals,
  • appliances,
  • firearms,
  • all-terrain vehicles (ATVs),
  • hunting equipment,
  • power tools,
  • heavy machinery
  • Defective firearms

Fires caused by negligence or unsafe and defective products.

Money cannot make your family whole again. What a wrongful death lawsuit can do, however, is see to it that the responsible parties are held accountable. It can also deter similar conduct in the future, both by the defendants and others. In terms of compensation, Pennsylvania law allows damages for lost wages, losses of expected income, pain and suffering, medical expenses, funeral expenses and losses of companionship, parental guidance, and other services.

We are committed to maximizing the amount of financial compensation you receive. Our law firm provides probate and estate administration services as well. Because of the unique configuration of our firm and our vast experience with wills, trusts, and estates, we are often able to protect assets recovered in a case involving death even when other firms may not have been able to do so.

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If someone you care about was killed as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, anywhere in western Pennsylvania, find the right attorneys at the law firm of Schiffman Firm. Contact us today for a free case assessment.

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