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Harmful Children’s Products

We all want the toys we provide to our children to give provide hours of safe fun. However, as any person who watches the news or reads a newspaper or reads internet sites knows, there are many toys which are dangerous and which are sometimes recalled, but not until children are injured.

Many times toys present a choking hazard and small parts break and can cause a child to choke. Toys with batteries have proven to present particular dangers as young children can choke on the battery or the battery can overheat and cause a fire. Other toys cause cuts, burns, head injuries or broken bones.

Although, there are federal standards and other laws which work to assure that toys are safe from unreasonable defects, the laws do not always adequately protect children and their families. That is when an attorney with expertise in handling product liability cases and particularly dangerous toy cases becomes a necessity.

The attorneys at Schiffman Firm have successfully represented children injured by toys and other products which were required by law to be tested before being sold in the United States. With our extensive experience in dealing with defective products, we know how to explore the importation process. Moreover, we work closely with experts to evaluate the testing of the imported toys and other products. In the past, we have proven that the imported products did not meet federal requirements, reported this to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and successfully settled cases when the seller of the product insisted that the product had been tested and found to meet all federal requirements.

We have seen sellers of toys repeatedly attempt to blame the parents for failing to supervise the child when a child is hurt by their defective toys. Attorneys at Schiffman Firm have used their vast expertise to show that the toy was designed or manufactured in a manner which made it defective and the defective toy was responsible for injuring the child.

We have achieved millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts which have gone to the benefit of children and their families.

Children who are injured due to a dangerous toy may suffer traumatic brain injuries or other long term injuries necessitating placing the money into structured settlements or special needs trusts in order to assure that the child who is injured will have money allocated for the future. The attorneys at Schiffman Firm are experienced in handling the arrangements to assure that the money will be available to an injured child as he becomes an adult.

Schiffman Firm is also equipped to deal with lesser injuries to children and is conscious of the necessity of keeping costs down to maximize the amount that the injured child recovers.

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