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What should I do if I own a defective or recalled product?

Up close photo of a construction or factory worker placing a note on a defective or dangerous product like a power tool to let people know not use it

Unfortunately, hundreds, if not thousands, of defective products make their way to distributors and retailers every year. Most of the time these potentially dangerous devices go unnoticed until someone is injured.

Thankfully, there are many resources that will alert consumers when a defective product is discovered.

How can I find out if a product I own is defective?

The CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Commission) website features an up-to-date news feed of the latest product recalls and educates owners and operators of those products about the next steps they should take.

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Who is the CPSC and what do they do?

Logo for the CPSC - United States Consumer Product Safety Commision

The CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Commission) is an independent federal regulatory agency that was formed in 1972.

Its mission is to protect the public and consumers against unreasonable risks of injury or wrongful death from consumer products through education, safety standards activities, and enforcement. This small agency works every day to ensure the safety of consumers.

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What should I do if a product I own is recalled or found defective?

In most cases, you should stop using that product immediately. Most recalls occur because there is some sort of potential hazard or defect that could potentially cause a personal injury.

Once you have isolated yourself and others from the dangerous product, it’s best to visit the CPSC website and locate the recall notice. Once a product is recalled they are required to instruct the consumer on what their next actions should be. While every recall is different, most manufacturers offer the following resolutions:

  • A full refund by returning the product to the retailer, distributor, or manufacturer
  • A replacement of the item
  • A complimentary repair of the defective item
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If a product was recalled and I was injured by it, can I still sue?


Keep in mind though – just because a product was recalled doesn’t mean a lawsuit can be made. In order for a personal injury claim to be made it has to be proven that damages or harm were sustained.

If you or someone you care about was injured by a defective product you need to contact an attorney or law firm that focuses on product liability cases? (What is product liability?)

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What if I own a business and a piece of equipment or machinery was recalled?

If you are a business owner or employer and you have been notified or discovered that you have equipment or machinery that has been recalled due to a defect you need to ensure that it is decommissioned and your employees are educated of the defects and instructed to refrain from using the dangerous equipment until further notice.

Failure to do could make you liable in a products liability case if someone is injured during a workplace accident due to negligence by knowing a defective product was available to your employees.

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Can Schiffman Firm handle defective product cases if I'm injured?

Absolutely, yes.

In fact, the attorneys at Schiffman Firm focus on defective product and product liability cases. With over 100 years of combined legal and trial experience, our team is incredibly equipped to take any type of personal injury case.

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When Bad Products Hurt Good People - Your Case Is Our Cause

Which Law Firm Handles Product Liability and Defective Product Personal Injury Claims?

With over 100 years of collective legal and trial experience, the team at Schiffman Firm has been a leader in providing trusted legal representation to injured victims and other types of clients in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

With a focus in product liability cases caused by dangerous and defective consumer and commercial products, our attorneys bring vast amounts of experience and expertise to victims and families that have suffered an injury caused by defective products like, but not limited to:

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    Automobiles and Airbags

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    Firearms, Bows, and Hunting Equipment

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    Power Tools, Machinery, and Snow Blowers

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    Infant Inclined Sleepers, Beds, and Rockers

    Our team of lawyers can also handle a wide variety of other personal injury cases and legal matters including car accidents and automobile collisions, injured children, and estate litigation.
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