Defective Table Saws


macro shot of a circular table saw in a dark room


The Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2008 reported that more than 38,000 people per year had been injured by table saws. These statistics are even more troubling because the manufacturers of these table saws are aware of technology which would make these tables saws safer. Clients come to us after being injured by a dangerous table saw and want to know what legal rights they have. These clients have come to the right place for answers because the attorneys at Schiffman Firm have almost a century of legal expertise dealing with these complex issues. If a person is injured by a defective table saw, the case should be handled by attorneys with experience in this area because the law is very complex and these cases require experience, time and financial resources.
At Schiffman Firm, we have had significant and repeated success with cases involving defective table saws that other attorneys and law firms have refused to take or have quit pursuing when the road got too rough. Defective product cases almost always require experts and retaining the right expert often means winning the case. We search for the right experts regionally, nationally, and even internationally. Our efforts ensure that our clients have the best possible chance of a positive outcome in their cases. We know how difficult life can be when you or a loved one is injured. That is why we put in the hard work that is required in cases involving defective table saws to obtain the best results possible.

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